Name: Anna Jackson Age: 42 Occupation: Left the corporate world two years ago to become a full time “Kid-raiser”

1) At what point did you start to think about joining a gym, and what brought you to OSi?  I’ve thought about joining a gym since moving to Fuquay Varina 3 years ago. However….I am not a fan of the traditional gym. I don’t have the creativity or drive (when it comes to working out) to get myself to a treadmill….ugh. Boring.  I kept seeing a friend check in at OSi and thought I’d check it out.  It was way past time!

2) Were you into fitness when you were younger? Did you play any sports growing up? I was a competitive gymnast until my early teens and also played on my high school basketball and soccer teams.  I was always active...until college.  Aerobics and jazzercise were a part of my occasional routine, but nothing had really stuck until this.

3) Being Honest...What did you initially think about our form of movement and being on the ground when you first saw it, aka how crazy did you think we really were!?It made total sense to me...not crazy at all.  However, I had an aunt that was a chiropractor who fully believed in “unwinding” the body to get it back into the form we were born in. So...all of this rolling around we do makes such good sense to me!  Undoing what sitting at an office desk and technology have allowed me to tangle up in my body can only be good!

4) When was your ah-ha moment here at OSi?Probably after my third class. (I couldn’t walk much after the first class as it was mountain of squats and burpees day! yikes!)  But once I realized every class was a little different and the attention from the instructors was vigilant, I was hooked. I started craving it.

5) How long have you been at OSi and soon did you start feeling the benefits of playing here? I’ve been at OSi since mid May of this year.  I started feeling benefits immediately. My mood was better, I had more energy, and I had earned the soreness. That always feels good. My eating habits have changed and my eagerness to work harder and try new things grows with every class.

6) What is your favorite thing to do at OSi and Why?I love that every class is different. I love the personability of all of the instructors. Each has their own style and I enjoy mixing it up.  On top of that, it’s become a family. Both classmates and instructors are always supportive and encouraging and allow me to be competitive without feeling overwhelmed.IMG_0050

7) What is your favorite reset?My favorite reset is rolling. It just feels good everywhere! I find myself at least half rolling in the bed every morning when I wake up….just to get my day started right!

8) What has been one of your biggest obstacles when it comes to sticking to your game plan in the past ?  Boredom.  Isn’t that sad. I just get bored. I need the accountability of a class and the creativity of an instructor.  Otherwise, I won’t challenge myself.

10) How has OSi helped redefine that obstacle?Again, each class is different...familiar...but different. I am worked all over and I can work as hard as I want each and every class.

11) What goals have you achieved at OSi?I needed more energy. I needed a workout regimen I could stick to.  OSi has done that for me.  And, in addition….I’ve met some really fabulous people!

12) What is a new goal you'd like to achieve?Endurance is not a strong suit of mine.  (short people are born for speed...not endurance! ha!)  That’s a weakness in my personal fitness.

13) What do you like to do for fun? (hobbies, etc)  These days….I am keeping up with my kids as a hobby it seems. I have a 14 year old and 12 year old. Schedules are insane!  But when I do have time….I LOVE LIVE MUSIC!!  Big concert go-er. I also love my little garden and working in my yard.  I’ll see a movie any day and I’m still torn between my love for the both the beach and the mountains.  This summer….to get a little more time in with my husband, I started playing golf. It’s ugly….but it’s Q-time together!

14) What does your typical diet consist of?I do love food. mmmmm.  I especially love fresh food. We love to cook...and grill ...and make new things. I am on an anti-sugar campaign this year after recently watching the video “Fed Up.” It makes me super angry that the FDA has allowed our diets to become so sugar heavy. If another country fed us the way we are feeding our children, we’d go to war. I see it’s up to me to pull it out of our diets at home.’s tough!!  Slowly….we’re getting my house food healthy.

15) Any words of advice for new members?Stick with it!  OSi is a family of people who want to work hard to feel better inside and out!

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