Dana Vaughn 37 years old Mom of 3, Children's Director at First UMC Meet Dana. Dana has become heavily invested in the OSi Family for a little more than 6 months now. Dana came to us as a typical runner that was looking to gain strength, endurance, more visible muscle definition, and to try something new. She came to us by way of a friend and family member of OSi, Stella B. Dana and Stella challenged each other in the small group personal training sessions and have seen massive strength gains over the last several months. Dana is now doing unassisted pull-ups, crawling for more than 5 minutes without stopping, holds the Weight of Water drill female record at OSi, and is constantly helping us grow the OSi family by talking about the positive changes she has seen in herself since joining. We are so grateful to have Dana with us and can't wait to see where she is at in another 6 months!

1. At what point did you start to think about joining a gym, and what brought you to OSi? I had been a member of a larger gym for years but was not taking advantage of my membership. Stella asked me in December of 2014 to come for a free two week trial. I was excited to try something new!

2. Were you into fitness when you were younger? Did you play any sports growing up?I danced and was a cheerleader growing up.

3. Being Honest...What did you initially think about our form of movement and being on the ground when you first saw it, aka how crazy did you think we really were!?I thought it was definitely crazy! There were so many terms that are associated with babies like rocking, rolling and crawling. I wasn't sure how doing those resets could actually help my body!

4. When was your ah-ha moment here at OSi?I think one of my biggest ah-ha moments was when I could leopard crawl over 7 minutes straight. I finally recognized that I was getting stronger and had more endurance. I also realized  how incredibly hard "crawling" actually is. Being able to do pull-ups for the first time was pretty awesome too! :)

5. How long have you been at OSi and soon did you start feeling the benefits of playing here?I've been at OSI since January. I officially joined in February. After a couple of months, I really noticed the benefits of this form of exercise. I was getting stronger, using muscles I never realized existed and was having fun at the same time!

6. What is your favorite thing to do at OSi and Why?I love the weight of water challenge. It is such a physical and mental workout. It challenges me mentally to push through and have confidence in myself. It is also a wonderful full body exercise!11357292_10153328290572605_2065598934269215040_o

7. What is your favorite reset?My favorite reset is the windshield wipers and rocking.

8. What has been one of your biggest obstacles when it comes to sticking to your game plan in the past ?I had a hard time sticking to my game plan in the past because I would get bored with my workout of choice. I also didn't like getting lost in the shuffle of a big gym or group classes.

9. How has OSi helped redefine that obstacle?OSI has helped me get over these obstacles. Every time I come to workout, we have a different routine for the day. Many times I am introduced to a whole new exercise. I also love the accountability of signing up for class and knowing that the instructors and gym family truly want you to be there!

10. What goals have you achieved at OSi?My main goal is to get stronger and I've definitely achieved that! I've also achieved happiness by finding a gym family that supports me while working out and also in my life adventures. (specific examples: I love competing with myself only....more pull-ups each time I try, leopard crawling longer time, weight of water challenge, increasing # of pushups, etc.).

11. What is a new goal you'd like to achieve? New goal: Carrie Underwood legs!! Haha! Tim knows what I'm talking about....lots of sled/chain pulls. ;)

12. What do you like to do for fun (hobbies, etc)I love to spend time with my family and friends. I love being outside, hikes at Raven Rock, chillin' at the beach, reading. I'm especially passionate about serving and loving the people of Haiti. Anyone want to come with me next time? :)

13. What does your typical diet consist of?Typical diet: coffee and yogurt for breakfast, banana for snack, lunch and supper are typical. Not a super health nut! I did stop drinking soda and sweet tea on 1/25/15. It's so hard....I sure miss my Coca Cola!

14. Any words of advice for new members?New members: You will love it! Be open minded to the different types of exercise and play we do here at OSI. It is life changing! Dani and Tim are wonderful owners that are always so encouraging. They have created a true family atmosphere at the gym.

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