Our spotlight member for the week is Jennifer Beck!!!  She has been working out at Original Strength doing one on one sessions for 7 months and has accomplished some major things!  She has lost almost 40 pounds by sticking with her workouts and eating right, bonus she is getting stronger everyday!  Jennifer is mom to Anaiyah and Gabe and enjoys doing hapkido (and is learning to enjoy working out ;D)  in her free time.     What made you first decide to try OSI/start working out/lose weight? I just got to a point where I knew I needed a change. I was in taekwondo class and I could barely do a few sit-ups. I used to be able to knock out 50 no problem. That was my breaking point, that was when I decided to do something about it.   What has been one of your biggest obstacles when it comes to sticking to your game plan in the past? Definitely food! I don’t mind working out, but eating right has always been my downfall. I would eat good for a couple of days then have one cheat meal and before you know it I’m just eating whatever looks good.   How has OSi helped/is helping you presently to overcome that obstacle? Having a trainer has really helped me stay accountable for what I eat. At the beginning we tracked my meals, and I learned what I could and could not eat. As time has gone by we have stopped tracking my food, but I have learned healthy eating habit and maintain them.   What is your proudest achievement/next big goal? Losing 40 pounds (almost) was really big. It might sound silly, but I really want to be able to do a pull-up. At my best I could do two from standing; I want to surpass that. I want to be better than I was (I’m really close to one : ) ).   Have you noticed anything in everyday life that is easier to do or you are able to do better? Squatting has definitely become easier for me. I do a lot of squatting at work and I can do it a lot easier and for a longer period of time than I used to be able to do.   What is your favorite reset, favorite exercise, and why? Breathing is my favorite reset. I love to lay down after a workout and just breathe. It lets me calm my mind and reflect on the workout. It’s so simple but so powerful. Sometimes during the day, I will take some time and just breathe, it’s very relaxing. It’s hard to choose my favorite exercise, as I have so many ; ). I think I would have to choose using the eagle(rope pull) as my favorite. I like it because it’s so versatile, you can target so many different muscle groups depending on how you position yourself.   13237718_10153464549071990_70751439402788570_n Photo credit: Jackie Miller Photography

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