So you are looking at yourself in the mirror and you love the progress you are making with your fitness journey. But you think to yourself, "What do I do with my look now? I am too small for most of what I have in my clothes but I don't want to buy w whole new wardrobe!" If you are asking yourself this then I have 5 great tips to help you rebuild your style to go with your new body!

1. Toss or donate any "comfort" clothing

You do not want to keep any item that was comfortable and hide your body. Oversized and worn out items you always wore keeps you in the shadows of what you used to look like. Those items need to be tossed out because you can not move forward in creating your new image holding on to the past.

2. Ignore the tag!

Do not get caught up what size the tag says. The ultimate goal is to be healthy and love what you see in the mirror. The number on the tag is irrelevant if you are truly happy with how you look.

3. Dress for your body type

It is ok to accept that certain trends or styles of dress may not fit your body type. Keep in mind you can wear things that will speak to that particular style. For example, skinny jeans may not be the best look on you but you could wear a straight leg jean that will give the same type of feel to reflect that style of jean.

4. Create a Pinterest board of styles you love!

A great tip for transforming and building your wardrobe is to create a Pinterest board of style of people who looks like you. You can easily search different body types under men or women's fashion and then start pinning! You can great a board of styles on people that look like you and try them out yourself.

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5. Have fun with you style!

Transforming your style doesn't have to be a death sentence. Have fun with what you wear, try colors or patterns you didn't wear before. You want your outward appearance to be a reflection of how you feel on the inside. Also, make sure you have a great support system encouraging you when venturing out and trying new looks.

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